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Small & Medium Enterprises

Creeds Energy provides 24 months lease-to-own solar systems for small and medium enterprises, combined with affordable customer financing. The lease-to-own plans vary according to system size, location and type of business. Creeds has provided solar systems to over 150 small business owners across Nigeria.

To sign up click here, contact info@creedsenergy.com or call +234 (804) 599 7030.

Pascal Chinedu sells clothing, shoes, and handbags in Mpape. He used to spend 10,000 per week on generator fuel. Since becoming a Creeds customer one year ago, he spends less than 1,000/week on fuel and saves more than 20,000 per month on power. “Solar is is nice. It is good to go for. I encourage people to try this. It is good, it will save you cost.”

Ago Collins sells weaves in Mpape. A Creeds customer for over one year, she credits her solar system for reducing her spending on fuel. “Solar is very good. We are not buying much fuel.”

Felix Adams is a 43-year-old barber working in Mpape. He has been barbing for 20 years and has a family of seven. Felix used to spend ₦20,000/month on power but now saves ₦6,000/month since becoming a CREEDS customer one year ago. “I give Creeds a 10 out of 10 compared to using a generator. I like it because I spend nothing on it.”

Emmanuel Odeh is a 25-year-old barber working in Mpape with a wife and a 1-year-old daughter. He has been a Creeds customer for 1 year and spends less on solar power than he used to spend on generator fuel. “I prefer using solar because it makes my work so easy and faster. It's not something that will stress me. It doesn't make noise. Once the sun is out, you start using it perfectly.“

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